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This type of service will meet the needs of some families as they seek closure. It also gives families with a more limited budget the opportunity to organise a dignified and respectful funeral rite without exceeding their financial means.

A service of this type gives mourners a chance to commemorate the life of a loved one by paying simple but inspired homage. This is what Harmonia BSL (A subsidiary of HG Division) can offer you.


The funerary urn is used to hold the ashes after cremation. Once again, prices vary depending on the details and materials used… bronze, wood, marble, granite, clay, porcelain, glass, metal, acrylic, etc. Urns can be placed in a cemetery lot or in a columbarium niche.

Reliquaries are miniature versions of traditional urns. They contain the ashes of the deceased or a lock of hair. The use of reliquaries allows several members of the family to keep some of the ashes after cremation.

Ecological urns and biodegradable urns are an ideal solution pour those who wish to make environmental-friendly choices while giving a unique homage to their loved one. Urns biodegradable in water or in soil may be considered for the burial or the dispertion of the ashes.

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Pre-planned or pre-arranged funerals

A pre-arranged funeral agreement is a contract between an individual and a funeral director that establishes in advance what is to be done when that individual dies.

This type of arrangement gives you the opportunity, regardless of your age or situation, to organise your own funeral, thus ensuring that your final wishes will be respected, regardless of your religious convictions, customs or beliefs. Managing your patrimony while you are still able to do so also allows your loved ones to mourn without having to make decisions and take care of all the formalities associated with this serious responsibility.

The pre-arranged funeral contract can cover the purchase of the coffin or funerary urn, flowers, transportation of the body, embalming, cremation and details regarding the memorial service as well as a range of other goods or services associated with your funeral.

You can defray the costs associated with your pre-planned funeral arrangements at today’s prices for services that will be provided later, at no additional cost.

You will receive the goods and services you’ve selected at the agreed-upon price.

It is important to point out that the amount paid for this type of contract is deposited in a trust account. This means your money will be well-protected and sheltered from inflation. If you decide – for whatever reason – to cancel or modify your contract, the law allows the funeral home to keep up to 10 percent of the price of the goods and services ordered to cover administrative costs.

If you prefer not to pay in advance, you can choose to simply plan your funeral. This option gives you the opportunity to describe the goods and services that you want, with payment to be made when you die. However, you must realise that prices cannot be guaranteed. Your estate will be responsible for paying the cost of funeral services at the rate in effect at the time of your death.

Although it may seem difficult to plan your funeral in advance, a pre-arranged funeral will give your loved ones peace of mind while meeting all your expectations. It lets you give your family and the people who are important to you the chance to mourn without having to take care of administrative matters and without having to wonder if “this is really what you would have wanted”.